Upcoming Events:

40 Days to Personal Revolution: starts April 26, 2021

A six week program (offered virtually) to completely revolutionize your life!

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Past Events

  • The Freedom to Be Me, Webinar, February 10, 2021

  • Goodbye Resolutions, Hello Deep Lasting Change, Dallas, TX  January 2021

  • Ocean Flow Retreat, Isla Mujeres, Mexico  February 2020

  • Feel Joy Ananda Workshop, Dallas, TX  August 2019

  • Rise UP Mountain Retreat, Colorado, USA  July 2019

  • Summer Women's Mountain Retreat, Colorado, USA  August 2018

  • Community in CUBA Retreat, Havana, Cuba, February 2018

I help clear the path to your own

source of peace, joy, and wholeness.

Clifftop Yoga
Pebble Beach
Yoga by the Pool
Yoga Class - Downward Facing Dog
Pilates Work Out