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What is coaching?

Coaching is the process of helping people  develop skills and understanding that lead to long-lasting personal growth.  The coach offers training and guidance to support the coachee in identifying obstacles, achieving greater self-empowerment,  and increasing overall well-being.

 What makes Susan's coaching unique? 

Susan's coaching is specifically geared towards supporting her clients' inner growth, so that their lives start to improve from the inside out.  She teaches people how they 'work', so that they can then become more skilled at navigating through life.  

She operates from a baseline perspective that we are all designed for internal coherence.  When there is incoherence or disharmony present within us, it manifests as dysfunction.  

This can take many forms: anxiety, depression, failing relationships, discontent, insomnia, phobias, or broad-based confusion.   Sometimes it simply manifests as feeling blocked or stuck.


Her approach is to help her clients uncover the deepest root underneath the dysfunction.  Once the root is exposed and understood, coherence is restored and the dysfunction almost resolves itself.  

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

Susan's coaching style is a good fit for you if:

  • you are willing to look within yourself

  • you truly want to clear out

  • you are willing to shift your way of thinking about yourself and your world

  • you are willing to learn how to meditate

  • you can get radically honest with yourself

  • you are open to the idea of unconditional happiness

  • you are ready to reclaim you own natural peace

What can I expect to get out of coaching with Susan?

  • a new understanding of yourself

  • simple tools that will promote your growth and healing

  • actionable steps to shift your relationship to yourself and others

  • accessible strategies to transform your life

  • a reclaiming of your inner peace

Susan has designed a manual of sorts- a manual that explains how we work, and why at times we cease to work so well.  Her coaching consists of teaching you the 'big picture' behind this manual, and providing you with ways to practice it in your daily life.  

As the coachee, you will gain tremendously powerful insight into yourself and understand why and what is blocking you from living in the fullest expression of your deeper self.

You will learn how to get centered.  She will teach you practical ways to forge a relationship to your own deeper seat of awareness. 

This is a key aspect in her coaching because as you develop this capacity to live from a deeper sense of self, a real inner freedom begins to take root. You start to experience how your peace and happiness is not conditional on external factors.  This is what she calls true  inner freedom


If you really do the work, which involves reading, self-inquiry, yoga practice, and meditation, an awakening begins to take place.  You begin to operate not only from a different place within yourself, but the way that you see the world starts to shift as well.  It is truly a whole life transformation.

Susan offers a free 15 minute consultation for anyone wanting to learn more. 

All you have to do is ask!

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Dallas, Texas, USA

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I help clear the path to your own

source of peace, joy, and wholeness.

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