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I offer a variety of services, all of which serve the common goal of helping you to shed what has kept you from your natural openness, wholeness, and sense of completeness within yourself. 


Spiritual/Energetic Healing Sessions

In these private one-on-one sessions, you are given a safe and supported space where I help you discover what is blocking you from fully opening into life.  Some would consider this shamanic or spiritual healing, as it is very deep soul-level work.  


Transformational Coaching 

This is for those brave seekers ready for a deep dive into the inner work.  Sessions usually occur with a certain cadence- weekly, biweekly, or monthly, to support you in claiming your inner freedom and releasing blockages.

Can be done in person or virtually.


Group Transformational Programs

Offered at Soul Friends Yoga Center, this program lasts eight weeks and includes a multitude of transformative teachings and practical tools to support you on a truly life-changing journey.  

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Transformational Retreats

When we step out of our routines and embrace something totally unfamiliar, it allows for magical experiences.  Retreats not only help us open up through the thrill of adventure, but offer a beautiful and supportive container, allowing us to awaken and transform.


Spiritual/Intuitive Counseling

This type of counseling is sometimes the 'missing piece' when other forms of therapy and counseling have fallen short.  If you are stalled in your personal development/spiritual growth, an intuitive counseling session can help penetrate to the less-obvious blockages that are at play. 


Group Yoga Classes

Offered at Soul Friends Yoga Center, group classes are an accessible way to nurture a daily practice and remain in connection with the deeper truths.  Through consistent commitment, yoga allows us to shed the barriers that we have put up towards our own selves.

Not quite sure if my offerings are the right match?  Please contact me for a 15 minute consultation at no charge.

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