Finding your way back to your Self is the best trip you could ever take.

I can help you get there.


Who is Susan Meymand?

I am a teacher, mentor, healer, spiritual counselor and coach, retreat and workshop leader, yogi, writer, wife, and mom. 

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What I do:

In short, I teach people how to clear out all of the gunk that is blocking them from connecting to their own inner source of peace and joy.  Everybody wants and deserves to live from this place of internal happiness and clarity but they have simply never learned how to do it. 

Various platforms available:

  • workshops

    • in-person and online​

  • transformational retreats

    • within the US and internationally​

  • one on one coaching/counseling

    • in-person or video calls​

  • yoga sessions

    • group and private​

    • in-person and virtual

  • energy healing sessions​

  • 6 week personal transformation programs​

    • in-person and virtual​

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How it all started

Growing up, my family was a royal mess.  My parents of course did the best that they knew how to do.  But they hadn’t had a chance, at that point, to address their own dysfunction, so we all just marinated in it as one big unhappy broken family.

As a result, I was forced into figuring this stuff out because I was so intolerably unhappy and confused.  My thoughts were a suffocating tangled mess, but somewhere inside I had a feeling that life did not have to be like that.  I just knew that there had to be a way out of all of that inner darkness and confusion.   

I know it probably sounds cheesy, but I can honestly say that I am grateful for all of that misery because it forced me to dig deep within myself and carve my way out.  Now that I am on the ‘other side’, I find a tremendous sense of purpose and meaning in teaching other people how to clear their own path to happiness.

I help clear the path to your own

source of peace, joy, and wholeness.

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Dallas, TX, USA