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Finding your way back to your Self is the best trip you could ever take.

I can help you get there.

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Who is Susan Meymand?

I am a teacher, mentor, healer, spiritual counselor and coach, retreat and workshop leader, yogi, writer, wife, and mom. 

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What I do:

I teach people how to clear out all of the gunk that is blocking them from their own inner source of joy and connection.  

Various platforms available:

  • workshops

    • in-person and online​

  • transformational retreats

    • within the US and internationally​

  • one on one coaching/counseling

    • in-person or video calls​

  • yoga sessions

    • group and private​

    • in-person and virtual

  • energy healing sessions​

  • 6 week personal transformation programs​

    • in-person and virtual​

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How My Healing Journey Began

Growing up, my family was a royal mess.  Our home culture was ripe with so many varieties of mental/emotional/psychological disease- lots of different kinds of abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, etc. 


My parents of course did the best that they knew how to do.  But they hadn’t had a chance, at that point, to address their own dysfunction.  As a result, I learned how to live according to all of those sick patterns, and I was deeply unhappy, felt totally alone, sad, and lost.  

My thoughts were a suffocating, tangled, and negative mess, but somewhere inside I had a feeling that life did not have to be like that.  I just knew that there had to be a way out of all of that inner darkness and confusion.   

During my 20's, I started purposefully pursuing my own healing.  I read self-help books, journaled like a mad-woman, started learning yoga and meditation, and studied Reiki (energetic healing).  

Along the way, I met several amazing souls who became huge forces in my life as I overcame those dysfunctional patterns, one of whom is my husband.  


I have come a long way, but by no means do I perceive there to be a 'finish line'.  Thank God!  I absolutely love the journey to healing and inner freedom and I don't even want to 'be finished'- I want to just keep going deeper!  

I help clear the path to your own

source of peace, joy, and wholeness.

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Dallas, TX, USA

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